Our Story

Colocal chocolates is a result of inquisitiveness. One day while exploring Instagram, sheetal stumbled upon a story of a chocolate maker in vietnam which showcased cacao getting roasted in a roasting machine. As nishant was a roaster, she got interested and inquisitive to know about it more. Soon they were in Vietnam to find out more about it and as they say rest is history.

Two years later after endless research and several failed attempts, they were able to make their first chocolate bar and colocal was born!


Sheetal, who is a co founder at colocal chocolates is a self taught chocolate maker. Her sheer passion for cacao has made colocal what it is today. Banker by profession, she is also a self taught baker.

Nishant, who is also a founder at roastery coffee house, is the co founder at colocal chocolates. He has worked in the coffee industry for over 15 years and is now a speciality coffee roaster. His knowledge of roasting and brewing has helped colocal in building its unique roasting profiles for our single origin bars and drinks.

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