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Why Colocal Chocolates ?

We are Bean to bar, Indian single origin hand-crafted chocolate makers with unique flavours and enchanting experiences.

Bean-to-bar is simply making the chocolates from scratch, at Colocal, we take you through the entire process from sourcing the bean to the creation of the bar.

Each cacao pod is hand harvested, plucked, sorted, dried and fermented before it is brought to our Chocolate factory for the next steps.Click to see our Chocolate making process.

Our Chocolates are made with added cocoa butter and less sugar, no flavourings or preservatives.

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Single origin

Every bar we make is crafted of flavorful, well-fermented cocoa beans sourced from a producer or set of producers in a specific location — a single “origin.

True flavour

With only two ingredients in our chocolate, we can’t hide behind added flavors. The beans must speak for themselves, and each bar is able to stand on its own with a distinct flavor and character.

Fair trade

We work with directly with farmers and pay premium price for high quality cacao beans.



Chocolate Making Process

Colocal Cafe

Established in Oct 2020, the cafe is located in Dhan Mill compound and is a representation of the outside tropical environment that surrounds our cacao harvest merged with contemporary sunny dispositions. This oasis-like space, a 65 seater cafe is simplistic and elegant, perfect for all occasions with friends and family, popularly known for desserts made with our chocolate.

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Our Story

Sheetal is a self-taught chocolate maker and has honed her craft by dedication and practice. Her quest to learn the chocolate craft took her on a journey starting at a cacao plantation in Vietnam to then an education of this labour of love from chocolatier experts all around Paris, Belgium & abroad. She set up Colocal along with her husband Nishant in 2020 in an abandoned rice mill factory in Chattarpur which is now come to be known as Delhi’s first live chocolate factory + cafe space. Colocal Chocolates prides itself in making small batches of Indian chocolates, sometimes producing over 600kg, 25kgs with every part of the process carried out under one roof.

Our production gives us greater control over the quality, sustainability and allows us to get creative with flavours. Single-origin bars, vegan, some inclusion bars and a chocolate tasting room all can be enjoyed at Colocal.

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