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Dark Chocolate Hamper

Rs. 2,525
This hamper comes with Dark Chocolate Cookie Bon Bon Box, Granola, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Insta Pour 66% Bar, 72% Bar, and Candle creating a distinct flavor for this festive season.
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Dark Chocolate Hamper

Dark Chocolate Hamper

We are bean-to-bar craft chocolate makers. Established in October 2020, the chocolate factory + cafe dining space provides an eclectic experience with an array of artisanal food and everything chocolate surrounded by cacao whiff tapping upon the peculiarity in the capital and India!

Colocal — (local cacao) believes in supporting Indian cacao artisans making sure everything is sustainable and responsibly grown, introducing people to the craft chocolate world and being India’s Willy Wonka, where one can indulge in different percentages and various flavour profiles made out of premium quality Indian beans sourced from Idukki Kerala. With pride in our eyes and warmth in our hearts, these precisely hand-plucked, carefully hand-crafted chocolate goes through a meticulous process. From sourcing the beans to curating the distinct flavours and finally creating a quality bar, we look forward to putting the stamp on the world map with the Indian Cacao experience.

Our Diwali edition manifests festivity celebrating the sacred Marigold.

It is endearingly called “The Marigold Float”, taken from the quintessential Diwali decoration that stands in the center of it all. The borders are inspired by the delicate design around the diyas, but here substituted by the cross-section of the cacao bean keeping Colocal’s mien, and evoking our minimal contribution to the maximalist festival!

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We do not accept returns however if you are unhappy with the product In any manner, we would request you to get in touch by either sending us an email at or dropping us a message on the chat or call on 9310524620

We ship all our products in either insulated bags or thermacol boxes to insure you get your products in perfect form.
We do express shipping for all the orders to make sure you recieve your order with in 5 working days.

Why Choose Us

Single Origin

Every bar we make is crafted of flavorful, well-fermented cocoa beans sourced from a producer or set of producers in a specific location — a single “origin.

True Flavour

With only two ingredients in our chocolate, we can’t hide behind added flavors. The beans must speak for themselves, and each bar is able to stand on its own with a distinct flavor and character.

Fair Trade

We work with directly with farmers and pay premium price for high quality cacao beans.


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