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Chocolate bar set of 2

Rs. 600 Rs. 540

Our single origin chocolate combo set of 2 includes            
- 1 Inclusion Bar - Nut Inclusion               
- 1 Single Origin Chocolate - 55% Cacao Single Origin Dark Chocolate

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Chocolate bar set of 2

Chocolate bar set of 2

Every bar we make tastes differently and has different notes and mouthfeels with different percentages.
This is our set of 2 most sold and favorite bars from our collection. Now, we invite you to
savor this special collection of colocal personal-favorite chocolate bars. We’d love to hear what you think!

Shelf life - This product has a shelf life for 6 months.

Note - Please store it in a cool dry place with a temperature of 18 to 20 degrees.

Official Herschel stockist Australian warranty assistance & support Australian shipping & returns.Customer first experience environmentally focused

We do not accept returns however if you are unhappy with the product In any manner, we would request you to get in touch by either sending us an email at or dropping us a message on the chat or call on 9310524620

We ship all our products in either insulated bags or thermacol boxes to insure you get your products in perfect form.
We do express shipping for all the orders to make sure you recieve your order with in 5 working days.