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The bean is very complex and the process is so intricate that you have to analyze the bean and what flavours might develop.

Today, Sheetal buys cacoa beans from Idukki Kerela, paying more than twice what even FairTrade demands, to make a range of single origin and single bean bars. Having a direct link with our cacao farms, the vision to improve the quality of livelihood and production facilities. Without the farmers, there would be no chocolate!

  • We employ our tailored roasting, grinding and conching to bring out complex tasty flavours in chocolate.
  • It is a labour of life
  • Strive to be the best at every point of the process

So here's all the steps including; fermenting, drying, roasting, winnowing, crushing, grinding, conching, tempering, molding, and finally eating handcrafted chocolate bar

Chocolate Making Process

Chocolate starts of as cacao pods, growing in the tropics, in its humble beginnings as a pod on the tree. Interesting, isn’t it ? it growns in humid conditions and takes 3-5 years to harvest.

What starts off as a flower grows into a cacao pod which has 40-50 cacao beans inside it. We harvest the pod once its ripened for making a perfect chocolate bar.

It’s a crucial process in which freshly harvested beans are left to ferment in a wooden cases for upto a week for flavour development.

Once the beans are fermented ,they are left to dry under the sun on the drying beds. It takes 3-4 days to dry the beans completely.

The most important process of chocolate making. We use gisen roaster for roasting our beans. It helps in enhancing the flavour of the beans and gives us a good control on the roast profile as well.

Cracking helps in breaking the roasted bean into smaller particles. However, at this stage the husk and the bean are cracked together into finer particles.

Once we have the cracked beans,we winnow the beans to separate the husk from the bean.The separated beans are called nibs and that's what we need to make chocolate.

We take cacao nibs and add it into our big chocolate grinders.It takes continuous grinding of upto 72 hours to make the chocolate liqour from the nibs.

Once we have the chocolate liquor,we go ahead and conch the chocolate to remove acidity from it.

Once we have the chocolate ready,we go ahead and temper our chocolate for that perfect shine and snap.

We Pour the tempered chocolate in our moulds and let it set at the room temperature for that perfect bar.

Once the bar is ready we hand package each bar with love at our facility,for you to taste.