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Ratnagiri Estate

Rs. 500

  • Origin:- Chikmaglur
  • Recommended for:- Filter Brewing
  • Process:- Yellow Honey
  • Roast Type:- Filter Roast
  • Tasting Notes:- Raisins, Chikoo, Milk Chocolate
  • How to Brew:- The Brew Guide
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Ratnagiri Estate

Ratnagiri Estate

India's fav Ratnagiri estate's honey processed coffee is produced by pulping the coffee to leave some mucilage on the bean, and then drying it with the mucilage still attached.

It will rest on raised beds for 16-20 days, raked and turned every 3 hours to promote even drying, and covered overnight.

This care and attention to preparation leaves a medium bodied coffee with balanced acidity and sweetness, and tasting notes of tropical fruit, milk chocolate and raisin.

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Why Choose Us

Single Origin

Every bar we make is crafted of flavorful, well-fermented cocoa beans sourced from a producer or set of producers in a specific location — a single “origin.

True Flavour

With only two ingredients in our chocolate, we can’t hide behind added flavors. The beans must speak for themselves, and each bar is able to stand on its own with a distinct flavor and character.

Fair Trade

We work with directly with farmers and pay premium price for high quality cacao beans.


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